Tuesday, October 21, 2014

The numbers have been crunched, the data analysed, and this is what came out the other end. 30 riders was the actual count, so great to break that milestone! Shown below are the ride times, not necessarily the order of finishing, so that you can easily see how you went in comparison to those at a similar speed. Fastest time points are allocated according to your grade, and handicap points according to your category.

Tomorrow night is our first ever team time trial. We will be pairing you up with someone of similar speed, and it will be up to the two of you to work together to get over the line as fast as you possibly can. This means sharing the workload, riding close to each others wheels watching out for each other. The time for your team will be when the second person crosses the line, so there is no value in leaving someone behind! For those that carry aerobars around on your bikes, these won't be allowed to be used in this event as we will still be riding in close proximity to others 

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Thanks to all those who turned up for a fantastic race last night. 29 riders is the biggest race we've had for many a year, and as those who raced will now know, with that many people there is pretty much always going to be someone to ride with at a pace that suits you. Stand out performances last night were David McQuiod who took off from the line with the task of setting the pace in the back of his mind - a fine effort David, but don't feel you need to go that fast in future mass starts - save some of that energy for the end  Does anyone have a couple of spare road tyres that David can use for the rest of the season to give him a bit more speed? If so, post a comment below.

The Bonisch girls had a great race towards the back, with youth winning on the night - well done Nicky! Zack Armstrong wasn't far ahead of Ben Mokomoko in the junior division, so he'd better watch his tail in future races.

Mark Taylor put in massive effort to catch the tandem and Craig on the return journey, and then led the sprint to the finish. A fine effort indeed.

Results are below for you. I've decided on a grade for most people now - these will be revealed on Tuesday night 

Craig Bettjeman 00:40:37
Mark Taylor 00:40:38
Glenn Irving 00:40:39 - Tandem
Ben Comeskey 00:40:39 - Tandem
Ben Gibson 00:42:38
Mark Durkin 00:43:42
Emma Passmore 00:43:47
Warwick Ferrier 00:43:48
Lance Griffin 00:44:00
Dylan Taylor 00:44:34
Peter Maich 00:44:35
Zack Armstrong 00:44:39
Scott Van Der Sluys 00:45:20
Michael Kingsbury 00:45:21
Ben Mokomoko 00:45:23
Chris Coll 00:47:17
Alison Druhan 00:47:34
Ross Bettjeman 00:47:35
Rob Kitchin 00:47:36
Janine Potts 00:47:37
Claire Burr 00:47:38
Steven Rogers 00:47:39
Derek Parsons 00:47:33
Nicky Bonish 00:52:25
Chris Bonish 00:52:30
Heather O'Toole 00:52:36
David McQuiod 00:54:21
Colleen Soares 00:54:27
Don Abbey 00:54:28

Tuesday, October 14, 2014

Morning all,

Here's the results from our first lap race of the season. It's great to see so many of you out enjoying riding bikes and being part of the action - thanks for joining us!! Craig has been doing way too much training in the off season, but new-comer Lance kept him on his toes last night. Welcome to the club Lance, and welcome back Claire Burr - very nice to see you again 

We have continued our trend of one flat tyre per race thanks to Heather - who will it be on Thursday????

With these results in hand the split between the grades is getting clearer. I'll post these after Thursday's race. Once the grades are sorted it will be time for some handicap racing to level out the playing field a bit.

We need some club volunteer support for the weekend of the 8th and 9th of November. 3 people are required for the Source to Sea on the 8th and about 18 for the Buller Women's Tri on the 9th. If you can help with any of these please let Adam or Glenn know or comment below. These two events are worth $600 to the club, so we would really appreciate your assistance and early commitment to helping out.

Craig Bettjeman 00:23:20
Lance Griffin 00:23:21
Mark Durkin 00:23:22
Warwick Ferrier 00:23:23
Peter Maich 00:23:24
Ben Gibson 00:23:25
Glenn Irving 00:23:28
Dylan Taylor 00:23:48
Zack Armstrong 00:25:31
Scott Van Der Sluys 00:25:33
Michael Kingsbury 00:27:07
Chris Coll 00:27:08
Adam Walker 00:27:09
Ross Bettjeman 00:27:11
Alison Druhan 00:27:17
Rob Kitchin 00:27:19
Janine Potts 00:27:49
Derek Parsons 00:28:55
Don Abbey 00:28:56
Coral Potter 00:29:59
Colleen Soares 00:30:20
Chris Bonish 00:30:21
Kelly Dwyer 00:30:24
John McCarthy 00:31:26
David McQuiod 00:32:06
Heather O'Toole DNF - Flattie :(

Monday, September 22, 2014

Road ride season 2014

Daylight savings is nearly here which can only mean one thing, the 2014 road riding season is about to begin!

Craig is running Sunday training day for novices who want to gain a bit of experience before joining the group. Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates.

Our first night will be Tuesday, 7 October. This is free and a very social outing to the Scout Lodge so a great opportunity to come and get a taste and meet some new friends without the huffing and puffing of racing.

Fees are $6 per race or $80 for the season. School students get it for half price.

All Wired Up are joining us again as sponsors and they'll be putting together a nice prize package again this year, thanks for the huge support Warrick and Carol.

Remember to keep an eye on our Facebook page and website for updates, as much as we hate to cancel a race sometimes the weather makes it unsafe, we'll always keep you posted.

We have a Race Programme you can print and pop on your fridge, please take the time to read it as it has some very important information to racing.

If you have any questions please jump on Facebook or contact us.

We hope to see you there.

Wednesday, September 10, 2014

New event - Ghost Road Enduro

The Buller Cycling Club is very pleased to announce a brand new event for 2015, The Ghost Road Enduro.

Taking in the southern section of The Old Ghost Road from Ghost Lake Hut to the Lyell this will be a heli-assisted backcountry experience with 1,400m of descending over the 30km trail length.

For full details and updates Like us on Facebook or check out of official website

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Road ride meeting

What's a Club without plenty of meetings :) We're going to have our road riding season planning meeting on Tuesday, 26 August at the Solid Energy starting at 5.30pm.

If you would like a say on how we shape our road season or want to help us build on last years success please come along.

We welcome everyone to our meetings.

Event update

We are going to change the Rogaine/Treasure Hunt on Saturday (23rd) for a family ride on Charming Creek instead. A number of reasons but a big one is we are going to run this event in the summer school holidays to get a better than expected turn out. 

So, anyone keen to join us for a casual ride on Charming Creek next weekend we're going to leave from the car park at 10am and have lunch at the Charming Creek cafe afterwards. 

If you would like a ride out put a post on our Facebook page or flick me a text on 027 389 9733 and we'll see what we can do. 

Fingers crossed for good weather, we really want to make it happen this time